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This page provides links to PDFs of Universal Automation Center documentation for Universal Agent 6.4.x and Universal Controller 6.4.x.
Universal Automation Center
Universal Controller
Xpress Conversion Tool
Universal Message Service (OMS)
Universal Agent
Universal Automation Center Agent (UAG)
Universal Broker
Universal Command
Universal Connector for SAP
Universal Connector for PeopleSoft
Universal Data Mover
Universal Enterprise Controller
Universal Event Monitor
Universal Agent Utilities
Universal Agent for SOA
Universal Agent Installation and Administration
Universal Agent Messages and Codes
Universal Automation Center Support, Maintenance Lists, and Release Information
All Documents - Compressed Format

If you would like a zip file of all of these documents (or any sub-set),
please send a request to Stonebranch Documentation.

Other PDFs

See the PDFs section in Documentation Help for information on how
to create your own PDFs and PDF ZIP files.

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